Using Coconut Oil On Cutting Board

Whether you purchased a wooden cutting board for aesthetic purposes, received one as a wedding gift, or are simply nostalgic and use your grandma’s hand-me down (older truly is better) the chance is your wooden cutting board may be looking a little dingy. Wood naturally fades with time and use. If you are thinking of


What The Heck Does One Use To Clean A Wooden Cutting Board

Sometime in your future (if it has not already happened), you are likely to find yourself finely chopping some onions on your wood cutting board, while trying not to cry, and suddenly it will occur to you that your cutting board does not look like it did when you first got it. Being the responsible


How To Clean Wood Cutting Board After Raw Meat

We’ve all been there haven’t we? One day you plan on hosting your friends for a dinner party, and what’s more you decide to cook the turkey yourself. Cutting and cooking the turkey is tedious as it is, but cleaning the wooden cutting board afterwards is a pain… I, for one, absolutely dread even looking


How To Take Care Of A Wood Cutting Board

Caring for a cutting board Cutting boards or chopping boards need constant care and maintenance. They need to be washed, dried, and sometimes oiled. This is highly important as your food goes on them, and if you do not maintain your cutting board, you are at risk of getting your food contaminated by harmful microbes.