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Best Knife Sharpener Stone 2020

Ever notice the knives you bought were brilliant at first but then start to dull and then you have trouble even cutting through butter? Constantly using brute force to cut through the meat and veggies making your prep time longer and frustrating? Don’t throw away your knife because all it take


Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board Made in the USA by Virginia Boys Kitchens Review

A high-quality beautiful walnut wood cutting board for daily cutting and dicing needs! Since a cutting board is known to be the workhorse behind every meal preparation, you must invest in a good-quality kitchen cutting board. Although plastic cutting boards are budget-friendly and dishwasher safe, t


What Oil To Use On Cutting Board

Sometime in your future (if it has not already happened), you are likely to find yourself finely chopping some onions on your wood cutting board, while trying not to cry, and suddenly it will occur to you that your cutting board does not look like it did when you first got it. Being the responsible


Using Beeswax for Cutting Boards

Protecting a cutting board is a very simple job, but the polishing paste must be a food-safe compound. The most used paste is beeswax, which is 100% eco friendly.  It is a natural wax, which is produced in beehives by the cute honey bees as the building blocks of the hive. It is used for


CLARKS Coconut Oil for Cutting Boards Review

A quick, efficient, and easy way to take care of your cutting board, the CLARK’S coconut oil is best for this purpose! Maintenance of your wooden cutting board is essential as you wash it a lot. If left unprotected, the porous wood expands and warps due to excessive everyday washing with water or